About the Muskegon Heritage Museum

Corliss Valve 90 hp steam engineThe Muskegon Heritage Association (MHA) is non-profit corporation founded in 1973 to promote the enhancement of Muskegon, Michigan’s historic resources. One of the MHA’s missions is to maintain a museum to show the economic, industrial and social history of the greater Muskegon area.

The Muskegon Heritage Museum was established by the MHA in 1983 to accommodate the donated Corliss Valve 90 hp steam engine. The goal of the museum is to preserve information, photos and artifacts pertaining to: the industries of the Muskegon Area, historic / heritage homes and businesses of Muskegon.

In 2009 a revitalization of the museum began with a complete rearrangement of the main room adding new displays in the cases and on the walls. A print shop was set up and an Industrial section in the back building was rearranged. Printed signs for all displays were added. In 2010 the museum was expanded into what was the shoe store next door. During 2011-2012 we reconfigured and remodeled the 2nd floor of the building where the Corliss Engine is housed. This is our “Made in Muskegon” exhibit and we added a classroom that accommodates 35 people comfortably with all the AV equipment necessary for any presentation. By 2016 our volunteers had finished the 3rd floor remodeling and expanded our display space to almost 10,000 square feet! The museum staff keeps looking for more items manufactured in Muskegon.

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