Heritage Homes & Buildings of Muskegon

Muskegon Heritage Home PlaqueThe Muskegon Heritage Association has been active over the years in this community pride project that recognizes beautiful, historic Muskegon homes. If you are interested in having your home recognized and having one of these plaques to display on your home, please download the application, and mail it to us for consideration.

» Heritage Home Application & Info (PDF)

Mail to:
Muskegon Heritage Museum
561 W. Western Ave.
Muskegon, MI 49440

Below you will find a list of homes or buildings in Muskegon currently recognized and displaying plaques. These homes are not open to the public but you are welcome to drive or walk by. Those homes that note walking tour, have a descriptive pamphlet available at the museum for the walk and are within two blocks of the museum.

Street, NumberPresent Owner or Name of BuildingYear BuiltStyleWalking Tour
Campus, 148Winegar, R., Klingenmaier, B.1906-11Bungalow
Campus, 154Rinsema - Sybenga, Dan & Sarah1912Craftsman 4 square
Glenn Ave., 1455Holcomb, Marguerite1923Colonial Brick
Glenn Ave., 1547Cole, L. Carrol1923Colonial Brick
Houston, 228Bourgman, Greg
Jefferson, 1292St. Jean Catholic Rectory1873Victorian
Jefferson, 1403Kuypers, Marsha1892Queen Anne
Jefferson, 1574Nelson, Charles1923Queen Anne
Jefferson, 1627Hilt, Ray & Jackie1888Queen Anne
Jefferson, 1641Panozzo, Ray & Karen
Jefferson, 1665Miklashek, Greeley1907Gothic American
Jefferson, 1693Hommes, Robert & Jo Ann1891Queen Anne
Jefferson, 1694Walter Tiffany & Quintin Cassetori-Tiffany1867Victorian
Jefferson, 1701Roelofs, William1923Colonial
Jefferson, 1727 Rogers, Darren & Preston, Kim1911-12Craftsman
Jefferson, 1752Veach, Philip1885 Queen Anne
Lakeshore, 1259Schossau, Barb1877Queen Anne
Lakeshore, 1587Fritch, Robert L.1863English Cottage
Lakeshore, 1354Jesson, Robert1906Victorian
Marquette, 340Barrett, John1907English Tudor
Peck, 1660Buck, J. Dianne1890Queen Anne
Terrace, 1279Squires, Raymond1893Victorian
W. Clay, 464Bright, Florence1888-90Queene Anneyes
W. Clay, 494Karis, Brett1893Queen Anneyes
W. Clay, 503Fricke, Peg & Nelson1860-61Italianateyes
W. Larch, 65Veach, Marian & Milford1888Queen Anne
W. Webster, 208Greater Muskegon Woman's Club1902-03Colonial Neoclassical
W. Webster, 407Howell, Carl & Judy1903Victoriayes
W. Webster 413Ortiz, Millie & Richardson, Rod1910Am. 4 Squareyes
W. Webster, 416Lusby, Bobby & Decker, Eric1890Italianateyes
W. Webster, 446Frame, Barabara1905Georgian Col.yes
W. Webster, 452Wright, Marcia & William S.1891Queen Anneyes
W. Webster, 453VanLue, Debbie1918N. Eng Salt Boxyes
W. Webster, 461McCann, Mary Joe1877Italianateyes
W. Webster, 475DeCamp, Gary & Kathy1925Colonialyes
W. Western, 561Hathaway Building - Muskegon Heritage Assc.1905Storefrontyes
Washington, 154Schorejs, Dan & Irene1900Dutch Colonial